8 Reasons Why I Love To Learn New Things

Veda Pragna
6 min readOct 14, 2021

Introduction: Why I enjoy learning something new whenever I can

Ever since I first started to travel, I have enjoyed learning new things. I became a curious person and wanted to know more about the world around me. I felt like my brain is at its best when challenged to learn something different, and there are always new facts to learn about the world. Whether it be a new food recipe, a new language or something as complex as machine learning, I enjoy picking up something different. I love feeling like my mind is expanding with information. And as I wrote in one of my previous blogs, ‘8 reasons why I love to travel’, it is crucial for me to do something outside of my comfort zone every day.

At this age of time, while most people still dread sitting in one spot for an hour to learn something new, I find it immensely enjoyable. I become so curious that I watch my online courses at 2x speed and read books like binge-watching an exciting TV series. In this article, I will discuss eight reasons why I love to learn new things.

Reason 1: Learning new things empowers me

Learning new things has always been empowering for me. It is not about the subject or topic, it is about the way it expands my worldview and provides me with new ideas. Learning something new forces me to keep my mind active and pushes me to try new things. My love to learn about different cultures and seeing how different people go about their lives empowered me to develop new perspectives. Learning something new is not only educational for me, but it has improved everything from confidence and creativity to mental health and life satisfaction.

Reason 2: Learning makes life more interesting

A learning mind is a curious mind, and it is this curiosity that keeps me going. Every day, I learn something new about the world around me. Through my curiosity, I not only learn new things but also find new perspectives on old ideas. I go on more adventures because my curiosity needs to ‘figure things out. With these adventures comes an inevitable sense of awe and wonder for simple everyday things. This thrill of discovery is something that can’t be explained in words — it needs to be experienced firsthand.

Reason 3: Learning gives my life more meaning

A significant part of living my life is constantly learning something new. It gives me more purpose, helps me become a better person, takes up time when I need it to be occupied, opens up new opportunities, and makes me feel like I’m gaining control over life and living in the moment. Also, science tells us that our brains grow when we do something new, so learning is never a waste of time. It is also good for our health and well-being because learning helps us be more motivated and it has a positive impact on our emotional state of mind.

Reason 4: Learning new things helps me stay updated

In today’s society, I feel that staying up to date with the latest news and information is necessary. It is more important than ever for us to learn new things regularly. It’s not just about being curious — it’s about staying up-to-date with what is going on around you and having a better grasp of what will happen in the future. Whether it be current events, predicting future trends, or just being extra knowledgeable about something, learning new things is always helpful and lets you connect with the people around you.

Reason 5: Learning boosts creativity

The need for creativity is unavoidable in today’s society and it is often seen as something that cannot be taught. It’s something that people are born with, and it’s in their genes. However, research has shown that learning has an impact on creativity. The more we learn, the more creative we become. Creativity can be boosted by learning new skills, by having access to different perspectives, by taking risks, and by understanding how your brain works for you instead of against you! Personally, my creativity is sharpened by all the new, unfamiliar sights and sounds that surround me while I travel. Whenever I travel while I work, creativity spills over into my work because it’s fuelled by these new experiences.

Reason 6: Learning new things helps me with problem-solving

I believe that curious people often are very good at solving problems. They enjoy finding solutions to problems, and they enjoy doing things that challenge them. I am one of them. Learning new things and solving problems allowed me to get rid of many thoughts that were cluttering up my mind. When I am trying to solve a problem, it leaves me with only one problem that needs solving, which will make the experience easier and less frustrating. Learning something new also boosts our cognitive abilities, helping us to think more creatively and develop better communication skills. These are enough to motivate me to learn something new every day.

Reason 7: Learning new things helps me learn more about myself

As a traveller, I am constantly pushing my limits and am challenging myself. It is moments like these that I treasure because I can’t help but feel as though I’m getting a little closer to understanding who I am as a person. By trying different things, I can broaden my scope and understand what interests me the most. Throughout our lives, we are exposed to so many different people, cultures, and ideas. But all too often, we limit ourselves to what’s familiar and comfortable. Having a wide range of interests makes me feel like I’m never bored and always find something to do. It also helps me feel fulfilled and productive, which is an amazing feeling. And as I continued learning new things, my knowledge of myself increased and my self-confidence grew.

Reason 8: Learning new things opened up new career opportunities for me

I have graduated with a major in Electronics and Communication Engineering. When I realized that engineering was not something that interests me, I figured it was time for me to go in a different direction. Instead of enrolling in other degrees, I have started travelling. These new experiences have opened up new opportunities for me. I’ve learned many things while travelling and I think it’s so important to be open-minded when you’re a traveller because you never know what might be on the other side. I started taking up opportunities in different fields to sustain my travels and in the process gained crucial skills that allowed me to excel in those roles. Right now, I enjoy creating growth strategies for some of the best start-ups in India and around the world as a growth consultant.

Conclusion: Why you should never stop learning

Everyone has a different path in life. In my case, I’ve always wanted to do things a bit differently. I love to learn new things, and I love to teach myself all the time. I’ve always wanted to write and speak about my experiences, and I want to be able to continue sharing my journey while also providing helpful advice and information to everyone interested in it. This is not an easy journey because I have to keep learning new things to become a better version of myself to make maximum impact with my stories. And as someone who is constantly striving to be better at who they are, these discoveries are helping me make more confident decisions.

In summary, we are in a world where innovation is proportional to minutes rather than years, and the ability to continue learning and adapting has never been more important. To thrive in this new environment, it’s necessary to be open-minded and willing to explore new disciplines. If you feel like you’ve already mastered a particular skill or trade, remember that there may be a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you on the other side. There are no limits to how much you can know, and there are always new skills to be gained. And as Winston Churchill once said, To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.



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